Nutrition Coaching

Get personalised nutrition consulting from our nutrition coach. Deep dive into your Fat percentage, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, Body Water and Metabolic age. Understand issues related to your current diet and nutrition. Define your health goals and alter your diet plan. Get a view of the kind of diet that can help you achieve these goals.

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Nutrition Coaching

Our approach is to understand you physically, emotionally, socially and mentally and design a very personalized program.

Our coaching is a 3-phased approach: Assessment and Goal Setting, Weight Loss Execution and Sustenance.

Assessment and Goal Setting: 1-2 weeks

1. Physical assessment involves

  • Blood reports to understand your nutrition deficiency, sugar levels, hormones related to lifestyle diseases, cardiovascular strength etc
  • Body composition analysis to understand your weight, fat %, muscle %, bone density , Basil Metabolic Rate etc
  • Girth Measurements.

2. Emotional and Mental profile assessment involves

  • Questionnaires like BDI ii
  • Willingness to change questionnaire
  • Understanding of stress levels and sleep pattern

3. Social assessment involves

  • Detailed analysis of your body and health parameters
  • Areas of improvement
  • Outcome based goals and breaking them in to SMART goals for every month and most important design of the next phase

Advise and execution towards weight loss :

Duration 4 -8 months ( depending upon how much of weight loss is expected).

We at Dhyaana believe that results are an outcome of a skill/effort and these skills are built through daily habits. Based upon the outcomes and smart goals, we will design a customized programs which involves:-

At the end of this phase you can expect: -

  • 1. Improvements in the body composition
  • 2. Month on month improvements in your re-measurements
  • 3. Nutrition supplement intake
  • 4. Better performance in the exercises or sports that you are following

Below is the data of a student from my real time coaching program


Sustenance: Life long

By this time, you would have achieved your goals and have started practicing a healthier lifestyle. Now its part of your life. We will be more than happy to help you out in between or for specific needs. Some people have opted for 3 -6 months of sustenance or optimization pack from us where we work with them to make them better from the last phase.

People have different goals which might involve: -
  • 1. Running a 10 k or a half marathon
  • 2. Trekking
  • 3. Having a Fat percentage less than 10 percent ( for men)