You are what you eat!

What you choose to eat has a direct impact on not only your body but your mind and energy. We believe that wellbeing is not a piece meal approach and thus food becomes a very important aspect of wellbeing. At Dhyaana, we are connected to a pool of doctors, ayurvedic consultants and we have in house functional coaches and Nutrition coaches from world’s one of the finest institutes like Institute of Functional Medicine, USA and Precision Nutrition , Canada. We combine traditional and contemporary sciences to address the root causes and help you choose the right food and nutritionin order to achieve a state of wellbeing.

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What to Eat?

The benefits of a good nutrition go beyond managing weight. It can help address a variety of health issues like reducing risk of some diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol, build immunity and overall health and increase energy level.

A well-balanced diet nourishes the body, mind, senses and the soul. Get personalised consulting from best-in-class nutrition coach to manage weight and wellness.

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We have three nutrition programs

Yogic diet

The physical body is made up of the food we eat - what and how we eat has a tremendous impact on the entire system

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Holistic weight management

Transform yourself through our holistic healthy lifestyle program based upon the 4 pillars: Right Food, Right Drink, Exercise and Awareness. This program is specially designed to help you build your weight management plan and provide tools to enable and monitor one’s progress.

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Personalised Nutrition Coaching

Get personalised nutrition consulting from our nutrition coach. Deep dive into your Fat percentage, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, Body Water and Metabolic age. Understand issues related to your current diet and nutrition. Define your health goals and alter your diet plan. Get a view of the kind of diet that can help you achieve these goals.

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