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Practice Mindfulness Meditation to improve physical and mental wellbeing

Derived from an ancient Buddhist practice, Mindfulness or present moment awareness has become the fastest growing meditation technique globally today. It is the process of bringing the mind to the present moment and keeping the attention alive and purposeful.

Cultivating mindfulness meditation can help you stay in the present and fully participate in your life

Learn how to practice mindfulness and apply it to your daily life. Taught in a practical and contemporary way, our mindfulness programs combine traditional meditation techniques, modern neuroscience and emotional intelligence skills.

We have three signature mindfulness programs

The Magic of Mindfulness

An introductory session to the practice of mindfulness meditation

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The Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness of thoughts allows you to be aware of a thought or strong emotion as a kind of a storm in the mind or an event in awareness.Noticing the thoughts allows you to take action.

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Mindful Eating

A specially crafted program to help tackle one of today’s biggest concerns of healthy eating and weight management

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In this beginners’ session to mindfulness meditation, participants will get to discover its history and contemporary application; understand how it works at the brain level and its many benefits. Beating stress, anxiety, improving health, focus, clarity and happiness are some of the immediate benefits one can achieve through this program.

Mindful Eating

In this specially designed program participants can learn mindfulness techniques, practice mindfulness meditation and how to apply mindfulness to eating to get the most out of one’s food. One can, in fact, eat less but gain more nutrition through mindful eating practices.