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Become intense without being tense; relaxed without being lax

The highly competitive corporate environment today needs employees to have a high degree of energy, focus and attention. They must retain the ability to manage highly stressful situations without losing their cool.

Classical Hatha Yoga is the most suitable tool that creates the necessary chemistry in the system so that one is naturally energetic, healthy and joyful. The mind and body become more stable so that one remains un-affected by the volatile situations around them.

When combined with mindfulness, the effectiveness is increased manifold and becomes an effective tool to explore the hitherto latent potential in professionals in a variety of disciplines.

Transformational Programs for your Team!

Dhyaana’s corporate programs are designed to help fuel creativity, innovation and leadership among today’s stressed constantly busy professionals, combining ancient wellbeing techniques with modern science. Our customized program of Classical Hatha Yoga combined with Mindfulness is designed to enhance work productivity, emotional intelligence and preventive health by infusing wellbeing into the company culture.

Having been on the corporate side prior to Dhyaana, we understand that impactful programs are those that can transform people, improve performance and help achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Dhyaana has unique group training programs that combine ancient techniques of wellbeing with modern science. Having MBAs and Engineers as Wellbeing teachers also means that we come with an outcome-based approach and of course, metrics that show you the impact of our trainings and your ROI!

Dhyaana offers corporate programs across offerings like Yoga, Mindfulness, Nutrition consulting, retreats etc.